Brain Dogs
Cerebrum Canines
A group of Brain Dogs
Important Characters Professor Brain Dog 7
Introduced in Animated short
Brain Dogs are a species first seen in the animated short. There, the Brain Dog planet is under the attack of a tickle monster , and because they cannot emote on account of their great intelligence, they call the Bravest Warriors to save the day.


All Brain Dogs are nearly identical, wearing light blues shirts and ties. They have brain-like heads that are a light shade of pink, and small, dog-like tails, giving them the name of "Brain Dogs." Most members of this species also have big, black, beady eyes.


The Bravest Warriors

After Chris Kirkman saved them from the tickle monster, the Brain Dogs carried him away, cheering, calling him the "lord of emotions." It is possible that one of them is being kept as a pet of the Warriors, as one can be seen at the Invisible Hideout in Issue 1 of the comics.

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