If you want to vote for an image to be featured, be sure to do so here if you'd like.

Rules for voting

  1. You must be a signed in user in order to vote.
  2. Remember to sign your post with four tildes (like this, ~~~~), as you should on all of your posts on any other talk page.
  3. Actually add the image in the subsection before writing down any text on it.
  4. Be sure to use voting templates at the beginning of your posts. If you agree that an image should be featured, add the support template at the beginning by typing {{Template:Support}}. If you disagree, use the oppose template instead, by using the code {{Template:Oppose}}.
  5. If you change your mind and want to change your vote, Use the strike coding on your template. As n example, the following code seen must be written: <strike>{{Template:Support}}</strike>. Writing down the reason why you have changed your vote is optional.
  6. There may only be 5 nominees once a month.

August 2013

AWW! Is that baby Wallow?

BW - Gas-Powered Stick (14)

Woah! Who's growing peaches?

BW - Gas-Powered Stick (37)

I'm proud of the little--big--guy.

BW - Ultra Wankershim 20

Princess Beth

Bravest Warriors ep 3 Season 1 - Butter Lettuce 007 0011

Hey! Jerk!'

BW - Gas-Powered Stick (31)

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