Firebelly guards
Firebelly Guards
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Firebelly Guards





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Firebelly Guards are the Firebugs charged with guarding the Firebugs' Hive inside the Lavarinth. The Bravest Warriors were sent to plant a bomb at the center of their hive in order to end a war in "Lavarinth", but once the Emotion Lord gave the Firebelly Guards the ability to read their minds, they came to an understanding and ended the war peacefully.


They all look alike in that Firebugs have an olive green shell and a bioluminescencent lower abdomen that represents the amount of ammunition they have left in their weapon. All of them also seem to have little orthopedic clogs.


The Bravest Warriors

At first they were enemies but when Emotion Lord gave them the power to read the Bravest Warriors' mind they suddenly became allies.


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