Name Merewifs
Live in Mirvahda
Important Characters Plum
Introduced in "Gas-Powered Stick"
Latest appearance "Arena See Through Zone"
Merewifs are a race of aliens that have a mermaid-like complexion. The only notable Merewif is Plum who originally appeared in the episode, "Gas-Powered Stick." Plum made her second appearance in the season two episode, "Mexican Touchdown".


A pale-skinned sea creature with a mermaid tail that replaces their legs whilst swimming.


  • Plum mentions the age requirement for a hover-car license is higher for Merewifs than it is for humans.
  • Plum demonstrates that Merewifs can control water and take on a terrifying form while in water.
  • When Merewifs are babies, they start out with tails and don't develop legs until they're older. 
  • Merewif's legs will get itchy when their legs are dry for to long.
  • Merewifs (specially Plum) could be based on Merwitches, due to they look like mermaids and mermans, they make magic-like things (or at least Plum does them) and their names sound pretty much the same way.


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