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Professor Fartsparkles
Biography Information

Professor Fartsparkles





Introduced In

"Time Slime"

Voiced by

Thomas Middleditch

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Professor Fartsparkles is a Glendalien scientist who first appeared in "Time Slime." After the Great Time Catastrophe, he created the Fartsparkles Time Generator to keep the flow of time pumping. He is suspended in mid air when he is in his Time Nap. His Time Nap can be engaged by pouring a bit of time slime onto his forehead. He has multiple things named after him, such as the Fartsparkles Effect, the Fartsparkles Time Generator, and the Fartsparkles Chamber, which Wallow finds funny.


He is an elderly Glendalien with white beard and wrinkles. His skin has a brownish hue. He wears a white dress shirt, with a blue tie.


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