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Robo Chris is a character from Bravest Warriors who was created by Danny Vasquez in an attempt to make the actual Chris jealous. However, even though Danny created him, Robo Chris has come to hate his creator after Danny rejected his "advances". He's a robotic duplicate of Chris and made it's first appearance in "RoboChris".


Danny grew angry at Chris for forgetting his seventeenth birthday, so he decided to make him jealous by creating a mechanical duplicate of his friend. He built Robo Chris with an advanced AI capable of feeling emotions and making logical conclusions. The real Chris however, was indifferent to the robot, and even encouraged their friendship. Frustrated, Danny modified Robo's friendship synthesizers, forcing him to grow more and more infatuated until he literally wanted to establish a romantic relationship. When Chris finally made amends with Danny, Robo tried to seduce his creator, causing Danny to reject him. Later, Robo would throw a party without inviting Danny, punching his crotch as he tried to approach.


When Robo Chris was still under Danny's control, his personality was dictated by his creator. He was modified to become extremely attached to him until Danny felt too uncomfortable with their intimacy and decided to reject his advances. RoboChris apparently becomes sad and later would punch Danny in his crotch, demonstrating that he was now capable of expressing himself and the anger he was feeling (probably for being used and manipulated by someone he cared about). He also appears to be much more assertive and aggressive than the real Chris, as well as loving dancing and throwing parties.


Robo Chris has the form of a metal skull with red glowing retina, even though Beth says they have lots of skin in the ship that Danny could give him. Robo has tentacles resembling limbs coming out of his sides. His hair has the same color and shape of the real Chris, as well as having the same gloves and a pair of stubby blue pads for feet. They also share the exact same voice.

Episode Appearances


  • Robo and Chris are voiced by the same voice actor.
  • Robo Chris seems to be a subversion of the "evil killing machines" trope, so common in pop culture. Instead of wanting to destroy his creator, he does the opposite: He falls in love with him, growing too overly-attached to him.
  • Robo Chris's appearance seems to be a reference to the androids in The Terminator, since they are also have metal skeletons with bright red retina.

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