Season 4 is a upcoming season of Bravest Warriors. It was originaly going to air in Fall 2018[1], but then it was rearranged to air in november, 2017 [2]. It will be the second season to premiere on VRV and Cartoon Network the first season to premiere on American Television channel,


  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Emotion Lord
  • Chillaxin
  • Merewifs
  • Paralyzed Horse
  • Plum
  • Catbug
  • Impossibear


Season 4 was announced at the end of the Season 3 finale, Emotion Fjord with Cartoon Hangover announcing that they teamed up with cartoon company, Nelvana to produce 52 more Bravest Warriors that will premiere soon. Concept art was also released at the same time.


  • Whisper In The Morning


  • The first concept art page reveals a production worker drawing Wallow eating food on a animation tablet.
  • The second concept art reveals a script for a episode. It reveals Chris wanting to go to the Scaley Williams Day Romance, competing in a couples corals and winning a trophy with Beth as they do it every year. It also reveals that Beth doesn't not want to compete with him as she has a date.
  • The third concept art reveals another script for a episode revealing a new character called Chillaxin. It tells about the Warriors protecting babies as a door opens. Emotion Lord brings Chris back as they float in a star field. It reveals that Chris drank a special sauce to visit future parts of his life.
  • The fourth concept art shows a green version of Danny with a skull and bones floating above his head. It shows him in 2 other unknown locations and a blank background.
  • The fifth concept art reveals the name of the season premiere as "Whispers in the Morning". It shows a scene Impossibear in a pirate outfit talking to Catbug with a hat on while pointing at a direction on the Space Whale. A bunch of pirate chickens are shown as well.



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