The Passenger in "The Bunless"
The Passenger
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The Passenger

Introduced In

"Time Slime"

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Voiced by

Kwesi Boakye

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The Passenger is a short astronaut who serves as an easter egg in most episodes of Bravest Warriors, as a little in-joke for the creators.


He wears a white helmet, a green space suit, and, occasionally, a white cape.


Episode Appearances

Season 1

Episode Location
Time Slime Astronaut
Emotion Lord Astronaut8
Butter Lettuce Astronaut7
Memory Donk Astronaut6
The Bunless Astronaut5
Lavarinth Astronaut4
Gas-Powered Stick Astronaut11
Dan Before Time Astronaut3
Cereal Master Astronaut2
Ultra Wankershim Astronaut9
Catbug Astronaut10
Sugarbellies "Lost Episode" Passenger sugarbellies

Season 2

Episode Location
Aeon Worm The Passenger (Aeon Worm) Season 2 Episode 1
RoboChris The Passenger Season 2 Episode 2
Mexican Touchdown Passenger mexicantouchdown
Hamster Priest Cap Jelly Kid
Jelly Kid Forever The Passenger Season 2 Episode 6
The Puppetyville Horror Passenger puppetyvillehorror
Catbug's Away Team IMG 2520
Merewif Tag BW - The Passenger - Merewif Tag
The Dimension Garden
The Parasox Pub Passenger parasoxpub
Season of the Worm