I made up lyrics for Chris's song in "Gas Powered Stick".

~I'm just a dude alone, outside your door

Where I can watch you shave your pits a billion minutes more

And when my heart is beating faster than the speed of light

You'll know you're my love and know what's right

Don't you see I want to smooch you all over the face

But if you really don't want me to, if that's the case

I could give you your Double Dolphin Smax with Seahorse Dreams

From that ugly Cereal Master and she's fat, it seems...

I'll watch you shave your pits, a trillion minutes more

I love you, down in my core

I'll watch you shave your pits, a quadrillion minutes more

Not a fictional love story, not a lore

But still... I'm only a dude... just standing outside your door...~

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