Wallow's Parents
Wallow's mother & father, first & last names unknown
Biography Information



Male (Wallow's father) Female (Wallow's mother)




Courageous Battlers


Wallow (Son)

Introduced In

"Time Slime" (mentioned)

Latest Appearence

"Catbug" (mentioned)

See gallery

Wallow's Parents, along with the rest of the Courageous Battlers, have been trapped in the See-Through Zone for the past two years and as a result, have not been shown in the series. Recently, however, it has been confirmed that Wallow's parents, Chris's ParentsDanny's Parents, and Beth's Dad are alive. Wallow's mother appears to be like a female version of him.


Wallow's mom is shown to be beefy and muscular as well as having a dark skin tone, much like Wallow. She has an eye patch on her left eye and wields an axe like Wallow's. Wallow's dad has an eyepatch and a ponytail.  The only weapon he wields is a hook in the place of his left hand.


  • In the episode "Catbug", Wallow's mother sends him peanut-butter squares, his favorite treat. 
  • It is revealed that Wallows mom has a green pig sticker pet and that Wallows dad has a blue snake sticker pet.  

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